Recruitment can often be a minefield for business with no or little experience with recruitment processes.

Modern recruitment methods can also overlook the obvious choice of candidate strengths, partly due to the use of keyword search software applications, which, in theory, lessons the recruiter’s time needed to review each candidate, thus allowing the recruiter to work with multiple clients simultaneously.

4wards Consulting recruitment experience dates back to 1995, when software databases were the exception to the rule, and manual reviews and interviewing each candidate with potential, was the only method to qualify candidate strengths.

4wards Consulting is a licenced Recruitment Agent, and uses a database management tool to collate and store candidate details, but we still retain the tried and true method of manually screening strong candidates. It’s easy to overlook the right candidate for the role if you are not conducting the proper reviews.

4wards Consulting is not a labour hire company, therefore our fee structure is based on permanent placements only.

As part of our fee structure, 4wards Consulting provides a different approach to invoicing.

We place the candidate with you, and invoice only one third of the fee upon commencement, and the remainder of the invoice is only charged after the completion of the guarantee period.

4wards Consulting understand that even the most suitable candidate may choose to leave before the guarantee period, so we are prepared to share the risk, rather than simply offering our “best effort” to replace the candidate – we therefore place a financial undertaking on the service we offer.