Effective Contract Management can be the difference between a successful project, with satisfactory margins and client retention, or problematic issues that result in a perceived poor performance by the client.

4wards Consulting works with clients from Conception to Completion, to ensure that your project receives the support it needs to produce a desired outcome .

As an SME business grows, the opportunities to take on larger projects allows the business to experience growth, yet without the support needed to manage the contract, it can become a daunting task, particularly if the project expands and extra works are added to the contract.

One of the least thought of issues, is that the lack of cashflow and effective contract management can cause significant problems for the business, and if expansion is not managed effectively, insolvent trading can become a real possibility.

4wards Consulting has a particular interest in assisting Start-Up and SME businesses achieve their full potential, as our business model is based on the provision of the full range of services required for our client’s to grow, with a minimal amount of stress wherever possible.