About Us


4wards Consulting works within the Resources, Engineering and Construction sectors to provide Consulting Services to Small to Medium Enterprises (SME), to provide the following range of services:

  • Management / Business Consulting
  • Strategic business planning
  • Workflow processes & procedures
  • Organisational structure & change management
  • Litigation Consulting
  • Business Project Management
  • Mediation/Negotiation Services


All businesses, regardless of current size, start as an SME, and to continue to survive, particularly in competitive markets, need to demonstrate year on year positive growth.

SME’s at some stage will reach “critical mass”, where to allow for the next stage of business evolution, whether this means exponential growth, mergers or acquisitions, or by way of developing a saleable asset, the SME will need to develop a strategy for this type of structural change.

4wards Consulting will provide to the client Strategic Consulting, and with the use of complementary service alliances, can enable the client to undertake structural change, which will allow for further development of the core business functions, while consideration can be given to new services/products, partnerships, organic or investment growth, or the sale of the asset.

4wards Consulting provides Strategic Management advice, estimating and proposal development services, business streamlining/restructuring and project development services, thus allowing clients to experience continual growth in both turnover and profitability, allowing the client to either develop the core business, diversify, attract investment partners or achieve a saleable business entity.

4wards Consulting operates as a solution finding Consulting firm, based on what the desired outcome that the client requires, as opposed to the development of a range of solutions that clients can select from that best suit their needs.

Utilising the MAUS Masterplan system for those businesses seeking an in depth review of their business, or Masterplan – Lean, for those seeking a snapshot, 4wards Consulting can develop a strategic plan to develop your business going forward, assist in an exit program, or work with you to restructure your business to take advantage of the growing resources market.

Technical and Professional Services

4wards Consulting has access to resources by utilising specialist personnel required for both projects and technical based contracts, who are recruited by the most efficient methods of Search and Recruitment. 4wards Consulting is a Licenced Recruiter.

4wards utilises as strong network of relationships with existing and potential technical personnel, and has established alliances with services providers, where a “win/win” solution can be provided for the client.

Some of the areas that 4wards Consulting can provide, as a direct source or by technical alliance, include:

  • Contract Management
  • Design Engineers
  • Project Engineers
  • Project Management
  • Procurement Personnel
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Project Controls
  • HSE Specialists
  • Workplace Relations


Experience and Expertise

The Principal Consultant, Adrian Sommerville, has more than 25 year’s business management experience, undertaking roles in Business Development, Project Development, Contract Negotiation and Management, and Business Unit Management.

Previous contracts have included the creation of business development management plans to engage markets and meet sales and profit objectives, including extensive restructuring processes to ensure effective estimating and proposal management, contract negotiation and project development.

Strong relationship management skills at all levels of management.

Developing and negotiating new business opportunities with mining companies, contracting and engineering service providers.

Leading and developing marketing strategies to increases sales and product penetration within existing customer bases.

Leadership experience with technical services teams and business management applications, HR management and recruitment.

Identifying new market opportunities and effective proposal development and management systems.

Adrian has developed and managed a national business development team, ensuring co-ordination of activities, account management and inclusion on bid panels.

Adrian’s Business Development experience has included being responsible and accountable for the coordinated management of multiple related projects directed toward strategic business and other organisational objectives.

Adrian has experience with the analysis and strategic restructuring of business processes, team development and sound financial management, as well as effective employee relations (incl Conciliation/Litigation) and client development.

Specialty Areas Include

  • Proposal and Project Development
    • Joint Ventures, Strategy Management
    • Bid and Estimate / Tender Development
    • Change Management
    • Business Development
    • Contract Management
    • Workplace Relations

Adrian holds the following qualifications:

Diploma of Legal Services

Electrical Trade Certificate (Engineering Stream)

S1, S2, S3 Mining Supervisor

Industrial Relations (Advocacy)

Qualified Mediator (NMAS Trained)

Currently studying a Diploma of HR Management

Currently studying a Bachelor of Laws (Deferred until S2, 2019)